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Benjamin Štular

MALI GRAD. Visokosrednjeveški grad v Kamniku

MALI GRAD. High Medieval Castle in Kamnik


This in-depth archaeological research of a High Medieval castle is a unique case in Slovenia and also one of only a few in this part of Central Europe. The book is based on the analysis of the archaeological data gathered during more than a decade of archaeological excavations in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the introductory chapters the written sources and interpretative models are presented, followed by the analysis of pictorial representations. The focus of the research is on the archaeological sources, above all on the analysis of the small finds, stratigraphy, the spatial analysis of the castle itself and its position within the landscape.

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2009, (Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae, 15), 256 pages, 121 b-w drawings, photos, tables, graphs and maps, 25 tabels, 20 x 29 cm, hardcover, ISBN 978-961-254-111-8.

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