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Economic and social dynamics on the territory of Slovenia in the early Middle Ages

Bled, Pristava: scatter of the pottery remains inside the buildings.

The aim of the research is to throw light upon the economic and social dynamics on the territory of Slovenia in the early Middle Ages with the help of the analysis of settlement- and burial structures. It will be done in three stages.

The first stage will be creating a digital database of the early medieval archaeological heritage on the territory of Slovenia. The published data about settlements, cemeteries, hoards, churches and isolated finds will be included. The separated tables of findspots, graves, finds and literature will be related. Adequate classification and indexation of material as well as its localization will be done.

Chronological analysis of findspots and finds will be the second stage.

The final synthesis will be the third stage. Burial- and settlement structures will be analysed as well as theirs forms and dynamics in the researched time -span. The relations between archaeological structures and environment will be considered. At the end the picture of economic and social dynamics will be put together. The early medieval roots of Slovenian identity will be elucidated, special attention will be paid to the question of relations between old-settlers and Slavs.

Andrej Pleterski

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