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Arhaeological and dendrochronological Resaerch in the Ljubljansko barje

Trench at Stare gmajne near Verd.

The project will involve archaeological and dendrochronological research of Copper Age pile dwelling settlements in the Ljubljana moor.

The archaeological research will involve a revision of the pottery from the pile dwelling settlements. A catalogue and a new typology will be composed and a new cultural and historical interpretation shall be presented. Minor sample trenching will be conducted in the settlement, in order to obtain fresh data regarding the stratigraphy of the settlements, the palaeo environment and the economy of its inhabitants.

Dendrochronological research efforts shall continue to involve the sampling of sub-fossil archaeological wood through excavation of minor archaeological trenches in archaeologically explored as well as archaeologically threatened areas.

The resulting interpretation will place the findings into the context of the larger area, as well as establish a cultural and historical framework. Our interpretation shall be supported by the results of the dendrochronological research, which will also proffer the actual chronological relation between the settlements.

The long-term goal of the project is to construct our own Slovene dendrochronological chronology and to provide the absolute dates of the pile dwelling settlements in the Ljubljana moor.

A boat in the trench.
Photo: Katarina Čufar.


Project manager
Anton Velušček


2004 - 2007

Project No.