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Standards and exchange values in the European late prehistoric societies

Slovenia-France cooperation in science and technology, the Proteus programme 2008-2009

Collaboration between Slovenian and French researchers intends to develop analytical tools of studying standard measurement system, as well as social and economic values of bronze objects in prehistoric communities. Research is focused on contacts between the resources of copper ore in the Alpine regions and areas of utilization of bronze objects within the case-area in Slovenia and France. One of the topics refers to identifying production and distribution centres and regional organization of exchange.

Slovenian investigator in charge: Janez Dular (Inštitut za arheologijo ZRC SAZU) French investigator in charge: Estelle Gauthier (Laboratoire de Chrono-Ecologie, UMR CNRS 6565)

Project coordinators


Project no.
Slovenian-Russian bilateral research project BI-FR/08-09-PROTEUS-011

January 2008 - December 2009