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Jana Horvat and Andreja Dolenc Vičič

Arheološka najdišča Ptuja
Rabelčja vas

Archaeological Sites of Ptuj
Rabelčja vas

Sodelavki / With the contribution of
Marjana Tomanič Jevremov, Marija Lubšina Tušek


Within the area of Rabelčja vas, which comprises nearly one-third of the Roman town of Poetovio, over a period of two centuries more than 160 discoveries and researches have taken place. During the past four decades, extensive rescue excavations have been carried out here, which have revealed numerous prehistorical remains, and also the eastern, crafts quarter of the ancient town, together with the main road and extensive burial sites.

The archaeological sites are presented in the form of a catalogue and entered onto a survey map in the dimensions of 1: 2500 and 1: 5000, and onto detailed maps of larger dimensions. The catalogue is divided according to larger time periods into Prehistorical, Roman, Early Medieval and Late Medieval-Early Modern period sections. Great care has also been invested into the precise and substantiated positioning on the maps, and also to the interlinking of the sites with references in the literature. A brief presentation is given of the course of the research works, a description of the remains and the datings, which are consistently based on the already published data. In the concluding chapter, a presentation is given of the development of the settlement in the area of Rabelčja vas and within the space of the entire town of Ptuj, from the Eneolithic to the Early Middle Ages.

The complete text of the book is in Slovene, with the introductory and concluding chapters translated into English.


2010, (Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae, 20), 216 pages, 41 colour and 6 b-w maps, charts and photos; 3 tables; 4 colour inserts, 20 x 29 cm, hardback, ISBN 978-961-254-163-7.

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