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9. Animal remains

Some remains of the hunted species from Spaha


This chapter presents animal remains from Spaha, among which at least eight species from four families are represented. Out of total 411 finds we could with certainty ascribed to a certain time period one third of them, belonging to the period of the Sava group and Lasinja culture. According to the number of identified specimens domesticates are in the lead, these are mostly cattle which was obviously the main source of meat and fat already for the first settlers of this location in the 5th millennium BC. During their stay at Spaha these people were probably benefiting from summer mountain grazing, while the existence of true transhumant economy seems unlikely. The modest representation of skeletal elements from the meatiest body-parts among the material from the 5th millennium could be the consequence of intensive fracturing of long bones with the purpose of marrow extraction

Keywords: Spaha, Sava group, Lasinja culture, animal remains


2011, (Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae, 22), 296 pages, 88 b-w and colour photos, drawings and charts, 31 tables, 27 graphs and 42 plates, 20 x 29 cm, hardcover, ISBN 978-961-254-290-0.

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