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Marjeta Šašel Kos


Telphone: + 386 1 47 06 383

Education and Qualifications:
MSc in archaeology 1980, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
PhD in classical philology 1989, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Education abroad:
Post-graduate student at the British School at Athens 1974-1976.

Present position:
Senior research fellow

Research interests:

Greek and Roman Literary Sources for the western Balkans and southeastern Alpine area
Roman Inscriptions of Slovenia (Celeia, Emona)

Research programme:

Research projects:
The role of Nauportus in the Romanization process in the Southeastern Alpine region


Other activities:

  • member of the Association Internationale d'Epigraphie Grecque et Latine.
    ( )
  • Since 2005, membership in the Scientific Management Committee of the European Project “History and Archaeology of the Balkans”, directed by Jean Luc Lamboley of the University of Lyon 2.

Personal bibliography is available at COBISS, Bibliography of Researchers.

Selected bibliography:


  • Inscriptiones Latinae in Graecia repertae. Additamenta ad CIL III (Epigrafia e antichità 5), Bologna 1979.
  • A Historical Outline of the Region between Aquileia, the Adriatic, and Sirmium in Cassius Dio and Herodian / Zgodovinska pdoba prostora med Akvilejo, Jadranom in Sirmijem pri Kasiju Dionu in Herodijanu, Ljubljana 1986.
  • The Roman Inscriptions in the National Museum of Slovenia / Lapidarij Narodnega muzeja Slovenije (Situla 35), Ljubljana, 1997.
  • Pre-Roman Divinities of the Eastern Alps and Adriatic (Situla 38), Ljubljana 1999.
  • Appian and Illyricum. (Situla 43), Ljubljana 2005.

Articles (selection)

  • The Roman conquest of Dalmatia and Pannonia under Augustus - some of the latest research results. In: MOOSBAUER, Günther 8ed.), WIEGELS, Rainer 8ed.). Fines imperii-imperium sine fine? : römische Okkupations- und Grenzpolitik im frühen Principat : Beiträge zum Kongress "Fines imperii-imperium sine fine?" Osnabrück vom 14. bis 18. september 2009, (Osnabrücker Forschungen zu Altertum und Antike-Rezeption, Bd. 14)., 2011, 07-117
  • A Latin epitaph of a Roman legionary from Corinth, Journal of Roman Studies 68 (1978) 22-25.
  • Nauportus: antični literarni in epigrafski viri (Nauportus: Literary and Epigraphical Sources), v: Jana Horvat, Nauportus (Vrhnika), Ljubljana 1990, 17-33 (pp. 143-159).
  • Draco and the Survival of the Serpent Cult in the Central Balkans, Tyche 6, 1991, 183-192, Taf. 13.
  • Cadmus and Harmonia in Illyria (Kadmos in Harmonija v Iliriji), Arh. vest. 44, 1993, 113-136.
  • The Embassy of Romulus to Attila. One of the last citations of Poetovio in classical literature, Tyche 9, 1994, 99-111 (Romulovo poslanstvo pri Atilu. Ena zadnjih omemb Petovione v antični literaturi, Zgod. cas. 48, 1994, 285-295, v slov. s povzetkom).
  • The 15th Legion at Emona - Some Thoughts, Zeitschr. Pap. Epigr. 109, 1995, 227-244, Tab. IV figs. 4, 5.
  • The End of the Norican Kingdom and the Formation of the Provinces of Noricum and Pannonia, v: Akten des IV. intern. Kolloquiums über Probleme des provinzialrömischen Kunstschaffens / Akti IV. mednarodnega kolokvija o problemih rimske provincialne umetnosti. Celje 8.-12. Mai / maj 1995, ed. B. Djurić, I. Lazar (Situla 36), Ljubljana 1997, 21-42.
  • The Tauriscan Gold Mine - Remarks Concerning the Settlement of the Taurisci, Tyche 13, 1998, 207-219.
  • Octavian's Campaigns (35-33 BC) in Southern Illyricum, in: L'Illyrie méridionale et l'Épire dans l'antiquité (Actes du IIIe colloque intern. de Chantilly, 16-19 Octobre 1996), ed. P. Cabanes, Paris 1999, 255-264.

Selected articles (pdf):

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